We believe in the strength of shared value as a group of people who look towards the same horizon, in the harmonious communion of intentions, in coordinated movements aimed at developing expressions of collective feelings.

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Relationships, local realities, production processes and the people behind them have always been the focus of a concerted action that starts from afar and spreads like wildfire towards the valorization of an idea and the territory that hosts it.


Travels, experiences and cultures enrich Ronald’s path, which started from the Balkans, trained by Arnolfo and structured during the most significant moments of Paolo Lopriore’s Certosa di Maggiano, passing through the Anglophone ones of Pierre Gagnaire at Sketch in London and Guillaume Brahimi at Guillaume at Bennelong in Sydney, up to the most recent with Igles Corelli and Terry Giacomello.

In 2018 he puts all his training at the service of the cuisine of Osticcio in Montalcino. Since 2021 he has embraced the Coro project which was still in its embryonic stage, becoming its Co-founder and Chef.


Inserted in the splendid setting of Palazzo Petrvs, a charming hotel and historic residence dating back to 1500, CORO stands between the vaults of an evocative deconsecrated church.
30 seats, 2 floors, 1 private room, inside the historic center of the tufaceous cliff of Orvieto.
Architectural project and restoration by Giuliano Andrea Dell’Uva.


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