The menu

“Memory and invention” summarizes the peculiarities of a style that has its roots in the flavors of the past and caresses the freshest sensations and emotions. Contaminations and certainties, comfort and audacity embrace each other keeping in balance, to give life to authentic and sincere tastes.

Spring 2024 Menu

Initial welcome, seasonal whipped lard and bread

6 euros p.p.


Asparagus, Jerusalem artichoke zabaglione, sea urchins, bitter herbs

⎯ 25 euros ⎯

Chard & chickpeas, roasted chickpeas, capers

⎯ 23 euros ⎯

Grilled artichoke, stem caramel, parsley chlorophyll and sweet garlic

⎯ 24 euros ⎯

First courses

Pasta with barbecued mussels, “Onano” lentil juice, black lime dressing

⎯ 25 euros ⎯

Ravioli with chargrilled turnip tops, cheese buttermilk, mustard seeds dressing

⎯ 26 euros ⎯

Shrimp tagliolini, rabbit “cacciatore”, rabbit ham

⎯ 28 euros ⎯

Second courses

Steamed turbot, citrus sauce

⎯ 38 euros ⎯

Sheep puff pastry, parsley salad and pollen

⎯ 33 euros ⎯

Leccarda” style pork neck

⎯ 30 euros ⎯

Aged beef and “Norcina” style sauce

⎯ 36 euros ⎯

Tastings menus

Open Coro

Ten courses at their best

⎯ 110 euros ⎯

Harmonious Coro

Welcome appetizer

Seasonal whipped lard and bread



⎯ 90 euros ⎯

Burning Coro

Welcome appetizer

Seasonal whipped lard and bread



⎯ 78 euros ⎯

(Beverage not included)
The menu is intended for entire the table

in addition to the tasting menus

if you want

Spaghetti, Parmiggiano Reggiano, green lemon, paprika

⎯ 15 euros p.p. ⎯

Raw red shrimps, extra virgin olive oil, lemon and honey

⎯ 18 euros p.p. ⎯

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